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Selfish fic thoughts

12th September 2013 (19:48)

It's my LJ so I can bitch if I want to? Etc

I wish I was an OC girl (in fic). I've tried them. I really have. And occasionally there's a diamond in the rough but try as  I might, I just can't seem to wrap my head around them. In fanfic, I love seeing the characters I know and love continue to behave in the way I might expect of them.

You've really gotta sell me a good OC. They need to have a service. Ones that work really well are there for a reason.

I just ugh, don't want to sound anti-OC because it's not that, but random OCs that just make me go whaaaat? And it's not even in badfic. They're turning up in excellent stories and I just think, if you wanted Harry Potter to have a girlfriend who's not Ginny for like, 3 chapters...........I don't even know. This isn't a solutions post, it's a thinky thoughts post.

And unnecessary America!fic for HP.

And the Doctor finding a female BFF random who saves his butt instead of Rose and they are long lost alien friends who are soul mates.

And random perfect cities for my characters who were fine living in Mystic Falls or Sunnydale or wherever living their interesting lives.

I'm sorry, this post doesn't even make sense. I have grading to do, (no seriously, like about 100+ papers!) so I shouldn't be worrying about the fic I read so much. Fic is supposed to be expressive and fun and each to their own. Okay, each to the own but I still ain't reading any Hagrid smut thanks.