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30th September 2013 (22:21)

So, my engagement is like....THREE weeks away and the RSVPs are pouring in and I'm just like zomgmypartyisinthreeweeks! The timing is pretty shitty with pay/work as I'm not getting paid for my holidays and I've cut back to four days a week but we'll manage. So far I'm trying to organise decorations and it's coming along quite steadily.

My "vintage book" theme turned into black and white, then to polka dot (I'm not complaining!) but I've started putting together these table runners which are made out of pages of Othello (because I had TWO spare copies hanging around!!) with a polka dot border.

So the old fogies can sit and start reading Shakespearean idk?

What are the chances of me sneaking my TARDIS cookie jar in there somewhere? I might do it. I'll just stick some polka dot ribbon on there and pass it off under the ever watchful eye of Mumzilla.