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Once Upon a Fangirling

3rd November 2013 (15:42)

I just need to talk about OuaT for a short moment here. Sure, this show has its faults and crazy shippers and hard to remember shipper names but zomg does it keep smacking me in the feels.

I need to talk about Snow and Charming and Emma and Charmed Family and Henry and families and aisjdflkjsf. We've seen just how hard it is for Emma to reconnect with her 'parents'. What happened to her sucked. Big time. But think about just how difficult it would be for Mary Margaret/Snow and Charming/David to give up their only daughter, only to find her as an adult and still try and be parents.

Think about the agony of placing your only daughter in the hands of fate so she can save the world. And then trying to protect her but she thinks of you as friends and when Charming hugged her when he thought he was going to die, I mean, I nearly lost it. Saying goodbye to baby, zomg.

And HENRY! I love the way both Snow/Charming just pick it up and go with it that Henry is their grandson and he is so important to them. When MM/Emma went to the forrest, Charming was just so zomgperfect.

I just have lots of OuaT feelings this season and need to express them somehow!