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Fanfic Recs

1st January 2015 (23:26)

My fanfiction.net account houses a great selection of Star Wars fic recs, so please check out my profile and check out the C2 Community.

Harry Potter

Hermione, A History by Nope
Why You Should Read This: The author tells the story through a series of vignettes, letters, receipts and descriptions of photographs and weaves a sad and captivating mystery. Hermione's love and refusal to give up on Ron is astounding.

Seasons of the Witch by Nope
Why You Should Read This: Victoire's life should be her own and you can really identify with her as she struggles to connect with her life. Teddy/Victoire.

We Were The Potters by celestineangel 
Why You Should Read This: Written for an emo-fest, the author examines the imploding life of Ginny and Harry as they face imperfection in their family. This story will break your heart as you, along with Harry and Lily, try to come to terms with Ginny's decision.

Unsolicited Advice by mugglemama
Why You Should Read This: Harry steals the show as the very drunk Boy-Who-Lived. He gives Ron some very personal advice. You will laugh until you cry.

Mr. Potter Lives For A Day by snegurochka_lee 
Why You Should Read This: First of all, there's slight slash warning. Second of all, read this story twice. The premise is heartbreaking and astounding and it will haunt you.

A Life So Very Much Less Than Ordinary by snegurochka_lee 
Why You Should Read This: First of all, it has very unconventional pairings which include Ginny/Scorpius, Teddy/James and Harry/Luna. However, the author makes the pairings believable. Draco is particularly hilarious.

Heroes for Ghosts by trinsy_fics
Why You Should Read This: Because it's sad and extremely well written!!

Much the Same Smile by secretsalex
Why You Should Read This: Because the author takes the poem My Last Duchess and creates a haunting tale with it. It features a Draco/Rose pairing but man is it fantastic!

In this Valley of Dying Stars by fiery_flamingo
Why You Should Read This: Andromeda Black (Tonks) is such an interesting and complex character and the prose is heartbreaking.

Dirty Little Secret (M) by Audrey07
Why You Should Read This: This is quite possibly the best characterisation of Astoria Greengrass I have ever seen. The story is a Draco/Astoria epic which is overall canon compliant with an AU twist. Astoria is snarky and Draco is so-in character that it hurts.

Making Memories (Teen) by ermynee322
Why You Should Read This: The author takes the overused trope of 'Hermione left the wizarding world and now she's back' and makes it believable, in-character, original and a fantastic read. Sometimes her spelling/grammar/punctuation can get a little annoying but other than that, this story is so amazing, I've read it three times. Yes, three times. And probably more to come.

Defying the Stars (Teen) by OtterandTerrier
Why You Should Read This: Because Ron and Hermione belong together, that's why.

Educating Harry Potter (M) by hgfan1111
Why You Should Read This: This story gives you several different ways that Harry found out about sex. Hysterical.

Hallowed Hearts: A DH Subplot (M) by KariAnn1222
Why You Should Read This: This story basically deals with another trope in the fandom and does it extraordinarily well. Kari's writing is superb and I've read this like, a billion times. Ron and Hermione deliciousness.

A Little More Time (Teen) by Jess-Pallas
Why You Should Read This: 1,000+ reviewers can't be wrong! A post DH, canon compliant way to bring back two of the best characters in the fandom: Remus and Tonks.

Words Fail Me (Teen) by Solstice Muse
Why You Should Read This: Completely AU but that hardly matters. Her Harry/Ron friendship shines brighter than anything I've ever read.

A Night in December (NC-17) by chantefable
Why You Should Read This: This fic is written in the style of 19th century detective fiction. If that's not incentive enough, this story was written for smutty_claus. The pairings include Harry/Narcissa and Pansy/Scorpius/Hermione. Not normally my cup of tea, but the writing is sensational.

Three Turns Through Darkness (PG) by worksofstone
Why You Should Read This: The Malfoys are captured after the War and the trio are so deliciously dark here, Ron especially. Hooooo ha, awesomeness in 3k words.

Remembering to Forget (PG) by auselysium
Why You Should Read This: The author presents a wonderful situation where Harry asks Hermione to do something for him. And she's the best at it, after all. Slight H/D and R/Hr.

The Weasley Family Christmas (With Special Guest Stars, The Malfoys) (PG) by thenewradical
Why You Should Read This: Rose decides to bring along her boyfriend and his parents to the family dinner at Christmas. Ron, Harry and Hermione try to deal with Draco Malfoy eating at their table. Hilarity ensues!

Kingdoms Rise and Kingdoms Fall (Teen) by Thistlerose
Why You Should Read This: Sirius Black arrives in Godric Hollow on October 21, 1981. That is enough to send you there, with tissues.

The Vampire Diaries

Second Chances (M) by lanixo
Why You Should Read This: Lani creates a wonderful AH/AU scenario. When Elena Gilbert dies, life still has a little surprise in store for her. The ship is Damon/Elena. The story is extremely well crafted and Lani is an expert storyteller.

Taking (NC-17) by greyorchids here at knoxed_fiction
Why You Should Read This: OK, heed the rating. Secondly, there's a HUGE squick warning but it is really in context with the reality of vampires. The writing is hot scorching and Damon is written to perfection.

Promises, Promises (Teen) by aj81writing
Why You Should Read This: AH/AU is a staple of this fandom and this story executes it so well. A Damon/Elena piece, it is loosely based on the plot of The Proposal.

Star Wars

The Sacrifice (NC-17) by unknown
Why You Should Read This: Okay, let me start by saying a few things. This story has Mara/Other in it. This story has been taken down but I managed to find it via the Wayback Machine. This fic has haunted me since I read it years ago and I was overjoyed to find it! Read, enjoy and revel in the angst

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

To Cast Away Stones (PG) by DarthIshtar
Why You Should Read This: A well executed time travel fic that takes place after ANH and in the months before the Republic falls in RotS.

Between Darkness and Light (Teen) by Kelaria
Why You Should Read This: A wonderful take on the typical Vader-becomes-Anakin story. Well worth a read.

Finite Incantatem (General) by lifeonrewind
Why You Should Read This: Obi-Wan's thoughts on Mustafar as he's about to kill his former padawan.

The Shadows Suit Me (M) by Luke1
Why You Should Read This: OK, if you have a squick for AU, drug use, really messed up plot, angst, incest and more angst, don't read this. If you can cope, then please, run toward this fic and don't stop until you've read all of it. This postulates on what could have happened had Luke and Leia not found out they were related. The angst! The drama! The incest! Well worth a read.



Crossroads (Teen) by Rachel500
Why You Should Read This: Angst alert. I love McKay/Keller but Rachel takes a microscope to their relationship post-Enemy at the Gate. It doesn't exactly have a happy ending and its rather vague. I'm sure we have all been through what Jennifer is feeling though. Very well-written.

The Best Man (Teen) by Artaxastra
Why You Should Read This: A great story set against Rodney and Jennifer's wedding but its all about Sheppard. Wonderfully funny and a great study of Sheppard's character. John/Teyla with some amusing Radek/John background.

Can't Be Real (PG) by tennyo_elf
Why You Should Read This: From her LJ to Joss' ears! A lovely interpretation of S9's babyfic storyline. Most definitely a Spuffy.

Shadows (PG) by coalitiongirl
Why You Should Read This: A really mature and exquisitely written take on the S9 comic "Slayer, Interrupted". WARNING: Does contain abortion

Five Times the Test Was Positive (and one time it wasn't) (PG-13) by coalitiongirl
Why You Should Read This: I love these types of fics-- you can put so much emotion into them. This isn't much different. Spoilers for S9. Ways it could have gone. Spuffy.

Ebbing of the Tide (PG) by Eowyn315
Why You Should Read This: AU in that Dawn sacrificed herself instead of Buffy in The Gift. Buffy struggles to keep her memories of her sister. Really emotional writing and a real gem.

Baby Blue (PG) by anaross
Why You Should Read This: Spike and Illyria have a baby, which is essentially the tale of Persephone. A wonderful story with Spuffy and a completely likable Angel.

Epilogue (PG) by snowpuppies
Why You Should Read This: Set in a world where everything supernatural in the world is gone--Buffy et al included. Xander and Dawn are left to pick up the pieces.

Beyond World's End (PG13) by brutti_ma_buoni
Why You Should Read This: A really haunting look at the Buffy/Willow friendship in a post-apocalyptic future

Lamb of God (NC-17) by lostakasha
Why You Should Read This: Before she was Drusilla, she was someone else. This is a small look into how Angelus drove her mad. Haunting and evil with beautiful, emotional prose.

Pentimento: 52 Moments That Never Happened to Dawn (and One That Probably Will) (PG) by nwhepcat

Why You Should Read This: This is Dawn and her memories, the way she remembers them. A wonderful glimpse into her life and I loved the last section.

Four Terrors that Buffy never faced (and one that...) by trixiefirecra
Why You Should Read This: It scared and disgusted the shit out of me. 'Nuf said.