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LVB [userpic]

Fanfiction Master List

1st January 2020 (19:55)

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

LVB [userpic]

Fanfic Recs

1st January 2015 (23:26)

My fanfiction.net account houses a great selection of Star Wars fic recs, so please check out my profile and check out the C2 Community.

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LVB [userpic]


1st December 2013 (20:19)

I'm binge watching Arrow and ten episodes in and I'm sure I was promised Olicity?! I feel that it is coming but in the meantime I'm loving Oliver Queen's abs.

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Once Upon a Fangirling

3rd November 2013 (15:42)

I just need to talk about OuaT for a short moment here. Sure, this show has its faults and crazy shippers and hard to remember shipper names but zomg does it keep smacking me in the feels.

I need to talk about Snow and Charming and Emma and Charmed Family and Henry and families and aisjdflkjsf. We've seen just how hard it is for Emma to reconnect with her 'parents'. What happened to her sucked. Big time. But think about just how difficult it would be for Mary Margaret/Snow and Charming/David to give up their only daughter, only to find her as an adult and still try and be parents.

Think about the agony of placing your only daughter in the hands of fate so she can save the world. And then trying to protect her but she thinks of you as friends and when Charming hugged her when he thought he was going to die, I mean, I nearly lost it. Saying goodbye to baby, zomg.

And HENRY! I love the way both Snow/Charming just pick it up and go with it that Henry is their grandson and he is so important to them. When MM/Emma went to the forrest, Charming was just so zomgperfect.

I just have lots of OuaT feelings this season and need to express them somehow!

LVB [userpic]

Wash my eyes, pls

11th October 2013 (17:23)

Ok I didn't read it because, totallynotmycupoftea, but a fic in a kinkfest was a Harry/Hagrid anal stretching fic. I just?


LVB [userpic]


30th September 2013 (22:21)

So, my engagement is like....THREE weeks away and the RSVPs are pouring in and I'm just like zomgmypartyisinthreeweeks! The timing is pretty shitty with pay/work as I'm not getting paid for my holidays and I've cut back to four days a week but we'll manage. So far I'm trying to organise decorations and it's coming along quite steadily.

My "vintage book" theme turned into black and white, then to polka dot (I'm not complaining!) but I've started putting together these table runners which are made out of pages of Othello (because I had TWO spare copies hanging around!!) with a polka dot border.

So the old fogies can sit and start reading Shakespearean idk?

What are the chances of me sneaking my TARDIS cookie jar in there somewhere? I might do it. I'll just stick some polka dot ribbon on there and pass it off under the ever watchful eye of Mumzilla.

LVB [userpic]

I have lost my ability to even

14th September 2013 (09:27)

current mood: excited


Not only are we getting new Star Wars, we are now getting new Potter?!? My fangirl heart is beating.

The thought that I could take my (future) kids to be watching these at the cinema is excitement central.

Newt, my eyes are on you.

And Star Wars, my Mara Jade feels better be acknowledged!!!!

LVB [userpic]

Selfish fic thoughts

12th September 2013 (19:48)

It's my LJ so I can bitch if I want to? Etc

I wish I was an OC girl (in fic). I've tried them. I really have. And occasionally there's a diamond in the rough but try as  I might, I just can't seem to wrap my head around them. In fanfic, I love seeing the characters I know and love continue to behave in the way I might expect of them.

You've really gotta sell me a good OC. They need to have a service. Ones that work really well are there for a reason.

I just ugh, don't want to sound anti-OC because it's not that, but random OCs that just make me go whaaaat? And it's not even in badfic. They're turning up in excellent stories and I just think, if you wanted Harry Potter to have a girlfriend who's not Ginny for like, 3 chapters...........I don't even know. This isn't a solutions post, it's a thinky thoughts post.

And unnecessary America!fic for HP.

And the Doctor finding a female BFF random who saves his butt instead of Rose and they are long lost alien friends who are soul mates.

And random perfect cities for my characters who were fine living in Mystic Falls or Sunnydale or wherever living their interesting lives.

I'm sorry, this post doesn't even make sense. I have grading to do, (no seriously, like about 100+ papers!) so I shouldn't be worrying about the fic I read so much. Fic is supposed to be expressive and fun and each to their own. Okay, each to the own but I still ain't reading any Hagrid smut thanks. 

LVB [userpic]

Ugh, Libs

7th September 2013 (22:43)

Tony Abbott just became the PM Elect.

Lemme learn y'all a thing- this guy is like Voldemort. He is in 1950s time warp. I feel ill just at the thought of this sexist, homophobic, racist asshole leading the nation.

Politics. Ugh. 

LVB [userpic]

Here musey musey musey...

12th July 2013 (18:14)

current mood: chipper
current song: I Love It

So what do you know, my muse decided to come home after being absent for half a year. How convenient of her! It comes mere hours after coming to the realisation I've done ZERO grading for work which goes back on Monday. So really the muse was born of procrastination!

The fic that is getting the attention today is My Heart of Darkness which hasn't been updated IN A YEAR?!?!?!?! How embarrassing. I am the worst writer ever. No wonder I can't get my shit together! I'll be sending two chapters off to the beta in the next couple of days. I'm still unsure about what's happening with posting over on TFN, so I might just leave it at FFN for the moment.

Here's an excerpt from Ch17 of MHOD.


Barely a word had been spoken between them all as Luke clung to his slumber. Grief hung similarly on Mara as she rendered assistance wherever she could. The silence wore her down and she felt a wave of fear pass over her as Master Windu cast his eye over her.

The Jedi Master rarely approved of anything to do with her. Hours spent perfecting saber techniques had done nothing to please him, nor hours spent in meditation trying to right her wrongs. Her short leave of absence had proved ineffective and now, he could see right through her.

He could smell the fact that she was a murderer.

She tore her eyes away from the Jedi Master and stole a glance at another one. Her Master worked efficiently, directing others around them. His face looked tired and she had felt his relief through the Force once he realised that his son was going to be okay. She had felt something similar come from her own father.

She wondered what words she could possibly say to him to negate his devastating loss. She felt her own pain sharply, what would his be like? Would it manifest as a gaping hole in the Force where Padmè used to be? Her inability to feel the Force completely was a disservice. She poked and prodded the area around him as much as she could with her mind.







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